Presentations 2018

“Modern Workplace Learning: Supporting Continuous Independent Learning at Work”

Jane Hart, speaker, συγγραφέας & Modern Workplace Learning Adviser

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“Make Your Life Easier through digital transformation | Engage – Train – Measure and Appgrade your Training Experience”

Δήμητρα Ζερβάκη, Adult Trainer-Project Manager, FlexLearn Solutions

Μιχάλης Τζωρτζάκης, Director of Enterprise Services, FlexLearn Solutions

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“Workout the Digital Era in Eurobank, using Design Thinking”

Παναγιώτης Μόρφης, Managing Partner, Dynargie Hellas

Μανταλένα Συκαρά, Central Units & Subsidiaries Learning Manager, EUROBANK

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“Leadership 5,6,7,8”

Dr Audrey Tang,Training Consultant | Ψυχολόγος| Συγγραφέας του “Be a Great Manager Now”

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“Innovation in Learning – new thinking and ways of being and L&D for the networked era”

Perry Timms, Learning and workplace evangelist/ συγγραφέας/ Chief Energy Officer, PTHR

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“Learning for a reason”

Γιώργος Διακονικολάου, M.Sc., Ph.D., PMP, Project Management Coach LTD

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“Development Program: Millennials Management Team”

Ελένη Σάββα, Area Manager Talent & Organizational Development South East Europe, Papastratos

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