Stella Collins
Keynote Speaker

Stella Collins

Co-founder and CLO at Stellar Labs, Bestselling Author & Sought-After Keynote Speaker

Stella Collins is an evangelist for effective evidence-based learning. She and her team build world class learning solutions including an upskilling platform fuelled by neuroscience and accelerated by AI. 

Stella is an acknowledged expert on the practical application of science-based learning to business performance and has trained thousands of professionals in more than 25 years in L&D. Her sell-out book ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’ is in its 3rd edition and her Linkedin Learning course has more than 30,000 participants. Stella engages and inspires audiences at international conferences, round table discussions, webinars, podcasts and blogs.  

Stella has a BSc, MSc is founder of the Brain Friendly Learning Group and one of the Brain Ladies. Her podcast ‘Mind the Skills Gap’ was recently listed in the top 10 in People Management magazine. Stella says ‘There’s no such thing as a boring topic – just boring training!’